Becoming a driver at Grab is simple and fast. You can work flexible hours when it suits you best and receive your payment weekly. All vehicles are accepted, and training is provided, so we can have you delivering safely in no time. Being a driver at Grab Same-Day is the perfect job for people who want to be self-employed or need extra income. As a driver, you would have the flexibility to build your schedule and deliver when it’s more convenient. Grab also offers competitive delivery rates. In addition, you will enjoy rewards and perks like gas discounts for your vehicle and health insurance. We want you to be covered and ensure you earn because if you win, we win.

Become a Delivery Driver
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Become a Delivery Driver

How to become a Subcontractor of Grab Same-Day.

Becoming a Grab Same-Day Subcontractor is simple and quick. First, download our app, Grab Same-Day Driver, available for iPhone and Android. 

Next, choose a time that suits you for on-site induction and training. This will help you provide the first-class service that differentiates us at Grab. 

You will then be ready to receive delivery requests from our partners.

Welcome to the team!

If you have any doubts, contact us to help you make the best decision.


Work when it suits you

Work when it
suits you.

Easily keep track
of your earnings.

Get competitive delivery rates.

Enjoy delivery
rewards & perks.

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Follow these easy four steps to start delivering in no time. We will guide you during the process, ensuring you can get on the route.


Grab Same-Day Driver
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Work when it suits you

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Grab provides On-Site Induction and Training